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You awaken. You're in a new world, you know nothing about. Suddenly, a mysterious and robotic voice encourages you to pick between three foreign and unknown choices to you. Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. What do these mean, you ask? No reply. The intriguing creature is gone forever, never to be seen or heard from again. You later find out it wasn't a person at all, but just a hologram. You make your selection, hoping it doesn't end up with your death. All decisions are good, all decisions are bad. While you wait for more guidance on what is happening to you, you lie back down. You find out that you awoke in a hospital bed. You must have been frozen in time, unaging and unaltering for years. Decades maybe. Everything has changed from what you remember. You are now in a world full of holograms, choices, and strange people. You are in DestinyMC.


DestinyMC is a server based around Bungie's popular Playstation and Xbox game called Destiny. Destiny centers around a futuristic time where you, the main player, is pitted against creatures your people have been at war with forever. You are just another awoken body from the experiments of the United States Goverment many years back. You later learn that it was 82 years ago. As you progress through the levels, the battles get harder and longer, and more strategy is involved. Players can go into Player vs Player whenever they feel ready. Obviously in a Minecraft version of this, several things must be changed because of Minecraft and Bukkit Plugin's limitations, but we aim to deliver Destiny as close to the real thing as possible. We have custom coded over 100 different variations of guns for you to obtain as loot from custom-made bosses and mobs. As you defeat these vile creatures, you'll earn more and more guns. Sooner or later, you'll get past the first area, referred to as "The Moon". As soon as you finish that, you're ready to jump into the PvP aspect of our server, but can also continue the PvE (Player vs Environment) aspect.